V Live Special Package

Special V Live Sets for Optimal Health!

Why are the Sets a better and smarter choice?

Why do I need complementary products and not just one?

Here are 3 great reasons:

  1. Our body consists of 70 trillion cells. A single source of nutrient is not enough to keep cells nourished, healthy and strong. As we know, weakened cells lead to weakened health.
  2. V Live Sets — be it the Triple-Booster Set or the Complete-Power Set—combine to supply you with the full range of nutrition you need to regain and maintain optimal health!
  3. You’ll gain faster results, more health benefits, plus, you’ll enjoy better value, and savings, too.

V Trition

A nutritive mix of apple extract, arabic gum, perilla oil, mixed enzyme—with 36 fatty acids, 16 amino acids, 17 enzymes, and 9 polyphenols. Nutrition fills in your nutritional gap, and restores a balanced health by strengthening digestion and absorption of nutrients.

V Oxy+

Rich in super high antioxidants from strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and energizing elements from wild oats, coenzyme Q10, and vitamin B complex. V OXY+ is designed to be quickly absorbed to detect and activate cells in need of energy, repair & regeneration.

When paired with our other range of products, it doubles up the effect by delivering fast and targeted activation.

V Neral

Along with a wealth of multi-minerals, hydrolysed collagen and lutein. Mineral works to replenish your body with the ammo it needs to minimise age-degeneration. Even as it strengthens your bones, maintain the health of your heart and brains, while protecting your eyes.

V Gest

High in fiber from cactus, plant fiber, hulled barley, organic oat brand and oat. It is a wholesome way to ‘fiber it out’, regulate sugar level, improve digestion and wellbeing, and detoxify your system. So you can regain a clean and lean body, and stay in better shape.

V Tality

Full of vitamins, trace elements and healthful effects from sea buckthorn, MACA, ginseng, l-arginine, vitamin C, and more. It’s packed with natural energizers to invigorate well-being and boost stamina for even better performance at home, work, or play.

V Live Triple-Booster Set

is a basic must-have to regain optimal health!
(V Trition, V Oxy+, V Neral)

V Live Complete-Power Set

is all you need to fully maintain optimal health!
(V Trition, V Oxy+, V Neral, V Gest, V Tality)