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Smart Way to Live, Work & Play

As a V Live Member, you can run your V Live business with just a smartphone! Thanks to our tech-savvy business set-up, you can connect with customers seamlessly, while they can shop and make payment online conveniently. Tapping into technology in this digital age is the smarter way to live, work and play.

24/7 Ready e-Business Platform

As a V Live Member, you get access to our ready e-business platform, 24/7. There’s no limit to when, where or who you work with—infinite possibilities!

Great ‘V Live Family’ Culture

As a V Live Member, you are part of the V Live International family and will be well taken care of. We cultivate a culture of understanding, by providing a user-friendly business platform that caters to both the needs of our members and the consumers. We promote a culture of excellence by rewarding efficiency through a generous bonus system. We uphold a culture of professionalism, and ensure the highest product quality is upheld, along with manufacturing safety.

Create Your Golden Opportunity

As a V Live Member, you’ll always be supported every step of the way to create even more golden opportunities—not just for yourself, but for friends and family!

6-Steps to Start a V Live Business:

Product Experience

First, experience the benefits of V Live products for yourself. That way, it’s even more convincing when you share with others the goodness of V Live.

Personal Growth

Cultivate a burning desire to learn and to grow. Let this be the fuel to propel your personal growth, so you can design the future and life of your dreams.

Positive Attitude

Dream big and stay positive. No matter what your past is, know that with V Live International, you have a new chance to create a whole new beginning.

Share with Passion

Do everything with passion. When you share your love for the product, and your passion for a healthy and happy life, others will feel it and want it, too!

Clear Goal-Setting

Start setting clear goals for your future, in order to achieve your dream. As a V Live Member, you’ll always receive team support to accomplish your goals.

Great Team Spirit

Together, you’ll go further and achieve more. As a V Live Member, you’ll be part of a growing business network. Leverage on each other’s strength to succeed!